Saturday, December 28, 2013

Resolution for 2014!!!!

Gasp! Looking back, my last post was actually in 2011!!! Absolutely no post at all for 2 years, or 730days! There's only one interpretation to it, TIME FLIES, REALLY REALLY FLIES! Ok, let's get things done here!Resolution for 2014:- 1.) Platinum DD! 2.) Staying in a fabulously renovated new house! 3.) Beamer of course! 4.) Chanel accessory, anything! 5.) BF < 12%, hunk in the making! 6.) Step my foot into a new country! 7.) Family trip! Porsche one. Peace out!

Friday, December 30, 2011

2nd last day of 2011!

Reading back my 2011 resolutions, glad that I achieved most of them :)

Well, well, post call today, will draft down my 2012 resolutions soon :)

Happy New Year!!!

Monday, February 28, 2011


之前已有友人booked了说要与他在诞辰前夕共进晚餐 (其实是看在他肯定没人约的份山,积点阴德,做做善事:P ), 他果然有空,也就OK!

打开门,secret recipe,脸上带笑; 傻瓜,哪来的时间去买和藏蛋糕?




Wednesday, December 15, 2010

it is time for new year resolution again!

did not set any goals in 2010.
since then had been working for 1 year plus now, it is time to set some serious goals and to achieve them in 2011!

1.) complete HO-ship and be a competent MO! and pray hard to get to stay in Klang valley.

2.) decide on future career path! sit down and think, and plan!
if want to specialize, choose now!
wish for some guidance along the way...

3.) start saving! save at least 10% each month!
to hit 5 figure savings!
to earn more money!

4.) to be a trustworthy person (to commit, to care)
to be a good son, brother, friend, and of course Dr.

5.) to gain muscle weight! to stay fit!

6.) to travel overseas at least once

yup, there are a number of serious stuffs to do in coming 2011 it seems,
buck up!
so as to everyone :D
hope to be a great year ahead!

wishing all friends a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year in advance! :D

Chan EL

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On coming agenda

going to be ONE year since i started my Housemanship (the 16th of August 2010)...
as the saying goes - TIME FLIES.... *poof*

well well well, gotta stay focus as for now...
4 more calls before my vietnam trip with FAMILY!!! yeah~ (of course in between there are the hustles of filling in the logbook, case summary and the dreadful assessment!!!)
and another one more before i finish my current (O&G aka 3rd posting) posting

ok ok, take a deep breath, stay focus, and get it done and nailed!!!

-while waiting for dinner companion in FF gym lobby, curve-

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I dropped it!!!

I dropped it.
Yes, i dropped it today, an urine bag.
I dropped it, onto someone.
I dropped the urine bad, onto someone's head...

It was the last case to go for today's operation in the theatre.
Dr G, the specialist and, Dr Y another specialist and one MO were touching up on the last bit of the surgery.
Dr G requested for catheterisation of the urinary bladder towards the end.

I volunteered to prepare the catherther set.
There i went, trying to open up a plastic bag containing a new, empty urinary bag, perhaps my gym effort paid off, i tore up the plastic bag, a *POP* sound followed...

the few seconds was legendary,
all i can see was the urine bag flew out from the plastic bag away from me, high up in the air, in a projectile motion, half way across the theatre...

*doink* the bag hitted the theatre spot lights up in the ceiling,
and then *piak*... ...
... ... ... IT LANDED...
it landed on someone's head ---> my lovely specialist, Dr G who was sitting right below the spot lights, attending to the patient put in litothomy position (aka with legs spread out and with the doctor sits in between the legs)

The whole theatre went into silent and static mode for few seconds,
my heart stopped, i went expression-less(as told by my MO), still holding on the empty plastic bag...

Dr G: Chan Ern Loy, u know i am the one who is going to assess you right?

and then it bursted into laughter...

guess everyone was too tension and stressed up for the past few days, and this unexpected foolish act of me actually enlighten everyone in the theatre >.<

MO: thanks for the good laugh, i was so stressed for the past few days until i wanna jump off the building... next time do come to operation theatre with me more often...LOL~
(omg...i swear i din expect it turned out to be a happy ending...phew~)

I sincerely apologise for the incident Dr G, lucky the urine bag is new, sterile and unused before.
(i even suggested to her to write in to reader's digest for the joke column, i must have been crazy to even say that)

ok, gonna zzz...hopefully good day n call tmr:D

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's day

It has indeed been a very long while since the last time i wrote sthg down...
it is already past 11pm and i am oncall tmr, better make this fast :)

well, went to both "Man" movies last week, aka Iron Man2 and Ip Man2...
and went back to ipoh too for Mama's day!!! :D a short but sweet one, isnt it? >.<

After the movie Ip Man2,
My mom said: ooo, this is Ip only i know, bruce lee's shifu...i was thinking how come so many wat Man wat Man movies lately...
(she was confused with Iron Man and Ip "Man"...haha, somemore both start with letter "I", and end with "2"...)

k, peace out
good call...